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    D2R Bots, Safe D2R Automation with upcoming automated item delivery system & WoW Bots with Built in LUA Unlockers for use on your preferred character and WoW WOTLK Classic signup readily available with a plethora of AI tools and not to mention the AIO Launcher you will be sure to get access to instantly. D2R Tools Sign up or try out the Crypto Trading Bot as well as the WoW Bots both have a trial access option as we roll out our partner's official All In One launcher.

    If you are unsure what to do here, get a premium members account simply by being an Member we try to maintain less posts as there are usually only resources here used for being updated on latest software and Revamped Cloud Computing Services that is always compatible, let us help you reach your automation goals whether its RMT relevant or enhanced gameplay.

Jieguan take over bot full download

Jieguan take over bot full download 1.5

The D2R Bot JieGuan (take over in chinese) is here to stay with still keeping it's security at the forefront with a warden tripwire, or to easily put it if warden is making new scans for jieguan will stop the bot and will make sure that the user is not launching themself into any ban traps. This goes for our zhipei dominate tool as well.

Classes supported officially available:

To be added: Druid etc

With them both made by our same developer you will find that the security is unmatched when compared to any other bots and the price is a steal at the current lifetime prices as well.

With the ability to soon have the multi launcher controller available to run as many sessions as your PC can handle, you will also soon find our very advanced API to be utilized to make any custom scripts you may find some old d2 bot scripts being resurrected again.

Using this API also gives us the ability to stream the user's loot log to their site profile to connect them to the marketplace and make listing their items a simple click of a button and not having to list out the stats of each item so we hope to make RMT very accessible to all of our users being able to supply the item market as you will find many item shops basing their business model by simple reselling or scalping other markets that is user supplied. Save your items for when you are able to list on the revamped multi site marketplace you will find that your revamped credits will have an option to be redeemed for real money, unlike useless forum gold.
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  1. New account.ini auto relog file includes amazon class config file 1.5

    Edit the account.ini to add your account for auto login because of new token generation method...
  2. New account.ini setup process

    Jieguan Setup Instructions Make sure to add your bnet account login in the format email|pass in...
  3. JieGuan Take Over Bot updated links not important update

    Updated links, not needed if you have jieguan running fine.

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Great bot, a bit pricey but it is easy to use and I've been able to get support where I need help.
This bot is the best bot ever existed!!
good updates this is worth every penny

AFKBots Crypto Trading Automation with BitBot

If you have not already gotten set up with our crypto trading bot you can do so by getting a free 3 day trial. We have short selling automated as well so you can profit off the crashes that are inevitable in crypto trading along with utilizing leverage margin trades.

AFKBots WoW Automation for all expansions

With the latest LUA Unlocker for WoW TBC Classic and WoW Shadowlands you will find the more advanced wow bots accessible and very easy to use. Accomplish leveling with questing and grinding, along with pvp battlegrounds all handled whether you want a full afk solution or hands on rotations. You can also use a stand alone pixel wow bot: Owl Pro. It can do grinding and rotations for those wanting a simple automation solution for world of warcraft tbc classic.

Auto Update with All In One Launcher AI Tools

Using the AIO Launcher will provide you an overview full access to many tools to automate with ranging from simple to use and fully done for you applications as well. There are many tools we are providing an ease of access with such as the very advanced ai platform that allows you to custom make tools like PoE Auto Potion usage and other features such as EyeAuras.