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D2R Bot JieGuan Take Over Bot Overview

Jieguan Takeover Tool for botting Diablo 2 Resurrected

The Jieguan Takeover tool is all in one package to your Diablo II: Resurrected success. Named after 'Jieguan' translated 'takeover' in Chinese, you're having to spend less time grinding and more on sitting back and profiting. Designed for all ranges of beginners to expert botters, Jieguan offers an intuitive experience in fully customizing your bot. Whether it's a common farming route with a basic configuration (such as a Blizzard Sorceress running Cows), or a carefully crafted build to combat specific objectives (such as a hardcore Barbarian built to farm only ghosts to target high runes), you're playing a new game of acquiring as much wealth on Diablo II: Resurrected.
Nobody has time anymore to grind. However, there's nothing like playing end game Diablo II: Resurrected on a macro level where you influence the economy, join the elite class of PVP, and dominate the Blood Moor. That's why the Jieguan Takeover Tool is designed to keep your high runes rolling.

What sets the Jieguan Takeover tool apart is its superior engineering. The mechanics of how every feature is designed is what makes this such an intuitive experience. Configuring the bot to do exactly what you need for every stage of the ladder reset is extremely easy, and you're far less running into things just not working, bugs, glitches, and headaches. There's a huge variety of customizability whether it's configuring the type of loot you pick up, which sockets you want to try and roll, which chests you'd like to open and whether you want to dodge melee range of monsters. From a software perspective it's also made extremely efficient to utilize the least of your computing power so you're able to run this on any computer that already runs the game. It's not just the classic farm bot from back in the day. This is the future of Diablo II: Resurrected botting.

Features are world class. Choose between almost any class whether it'd be the Find Item Barbarian, the classic Hammerdin, the Hydra Orb Sorceress, or the fastest Chaos running Javzon, you're in for a treat. The other half of farming is in cube crafts and gambling, and the Jieguan Takeover tool is the finest in configuring your craftsmanship. Now with the recent Blizzard update to do with Diablo clone, you can even configure the bot to track the kill. Don't have an enigma and going for an early-ladder build? You can set skills like Charge and Vigor to activate while running. Ensure your character will never die with the classic chicken rules to leave game, go back to town, or stash more Rejuvenation Potions in your inventory. Wish to avoid immunes or auras? Want to telestomp and prioritize certain champion monsters? Stay a certain range away from monsters to avoid hits? The Jieguan Takeover tool features it all.
D2R Bot Features
Advanced Farming
The unique customizations in area selection, clear type, and monster settings can make farming extremely efficient. Not only does this feature every map and area in the game, but the bot is smart enough to recognize the type of champions and bosses that spawn as part of the area such as popping seals, focusing champions first and slaying Diablo in the Chaos Sanctuary. You're able to customize how you interact with the area and its monsters in such depth that whether its early-ladder, mid-game, or the most difficult runs in the game, you're sure to farm efficiently for the high runes, uniques, and the rarest of jewels and socketed bases. You can choose to clear just ghosts or clear every monster on the path. On top, Chestmania is a special feature where you can target any map and clear certain chests such as Lower Kurast. You're also able to make these runs public to host Diablo/Baal runs following a certain lobby name pattern. The possibilities are endless.

What your bot does with the items it loots is another world of possibilities. Whether it's collecting recipe ingredients to craft caster amulets, roll sockets on a Thresher, combine runes or collect junk jewels, the bot can do it all. You can choose to identify with a book or even use cain to save inventory space for more utility, and once identified keep only a certain set of stats per item. You can even keep the item unidentified. Not only that, but it can gamble the millions of gold to roll Stone of Jordans and caster circlets.

Character Configuration
When it comes to configuring your character, you are only limited to your imagination. Depending on the stage of the game and the itemization you've acquired, you can configure your hero to use the right combinations of skills against certain immunities (or even telestomp to kill with your mercenary) or types of monsters, and you can set the limits of when the bot should drink potions, return to town, or leave the game upon danger. Your mercenary died? Choose to revive immediately or upon the next run. Choose between almost every class of hero and configure every bit of the battle mechanics to most effectively run your areas. Using skills like Static Field to first bleed your opponents or Charge/Vigor to travel faster, you can really take advantage of every stage of the game. If you do equip an Enigma you can have any class leverage Teleport for faster pathing, while also dodging all or specific monsters/immunes/auras while in battle. You can even target specific shrines to activate for extra experience or skills.

Extra Tools
To top it all off, this bot is made to make your life easier. You can use our scheduler tool to automate when you want your bot taking breaks or running, and imitate human behavior as much as possible. There's a configurator tool to easily make adjustments to all of your settings, and there's a vast number of community made tools, mods, itemization lists, and guides available to get you started right away as well as configure the smallest of details.

Credits @Meru
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