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Latest in AFKBots News, Marketplace in testing phase, and new partners.


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So to clear up any confusion, they have changed the url to which you'll find your login still working. Also not to forget that your account comes with access to this VIP botting forum: AFKBots. Which finally updated it to the best platform, please note on the new forum that the posts in other threads are hidden from guests for now so login to the homepage to view all the threads, you can always see the latest botting updates in the resources menu.
You may notice this on some sign up pages along with any trusted partner sites that are connected to the afkbots platform will also have this message on display:

AFK Bots Forum for MMO Gaming

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A few note worthy things to keep an eye out for, is the latest Revamped Marketplace testing has been working out pretty well, they will make an official thread on afkbots as well about this as there may be a market also available on afkbots that would run only with crypto so to separate both sides of the market, as item buyers who are wanting to buy your items with regular payment options will find the ability to browse the listings without being logged in and purchase your items or custom scripts etc, and so there are plans to make an easy platform to let users cash out for real money as well after a fee but with no initial market transaction fees. They will be including the ability to stream your loot log into your user profile so you can easily create a listing with the click of a button right next to the item image. You can read more about this webserver item log streamer but you will get a basic idea of what they will be adding onto the marketplace this way botters can be sellers very quickly and when they have the jieguan api available to be utilized they can have it outputting the item stats of the item log into our web server display requiring a user to have an api key for their profile display.

With that said, we will have the upcoming class config editor interface being made exclusively for users that sign up on our network will get an auth key for this program, which will auto update the class configs when there is ever an update requiring them to be. As well as our plans to add the ability to choose your items to be listed on the marketplace profile from your loot log, and then be able to create a listing out of whichever items after you set their price for credits.

So keep an eye out for this update, which should alleviate any issues people were having before with setting up the bot config files now the image is just a first preview, this will be very user friendly once complete. Hope you enjoy what we will have ready for release in the next few weeks should make jieguan very much a leveling bot.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions or comments or register on afkbots and reach out for a promotion if needed.
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Revamped marketplace is accessible to the public now and also afkbots will have it's setup but needs to add categories also like RV but we will see those finished pretty soon as we finish our auto script poster tool to make it easy to post your loot into each marketplace to sell for credits.


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Yes it is not public yet we are working on some things i do not want to rush this release as we need to also have easy time for user make their money from sell item. It seems like some user not understand that the cost of jieguan is easy to make back within a week and i think the marketplace with credits system should help resolve that for many who do not know the way of trading with other forums.

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