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NoName Basic & NoName Advanced WOW Lua Unlocker

The Horadric Cube

Staff member
Download available at noname lua unlocker in resources page.


NoName Basic / Advanced Unlocker

Welcome to the installation page for No-Name.
There are two items you will need before you can start

The software program NoName.exe
Unambiguous NoName Token

The NoName.exe file may first be downloaded from No-downloads's page.
Everything you need to get started with NoName is included in this package.
There are no separate unlockers; everything is done through a single program.
Your current XPac version and your WoW version will both be determined by NoName when you execute it (TBC, Retail, SoM etc).
Whether you are current or not is unimportant to NoName.
The unlocker will load both old and new versions!

Your token should be put inside a file named license.txt that you create. Make sure there are no additional lines or trailing spaces and that it is the only thing in the file.

You must unzip the downloaded files before putting them anyplace on your computer.


Start.bat is used.

Simply choose start.bat. NoName will either request your Token or choose to utilize the most recent Token you used. Everything will start immediately as a result. 'Command line Examples' is a text file that you will view if you have a multi-session token. That will explain how to start it, so please read it!

We are developing a new launcher to simplify the procedure.

Can I use the same token to run two distinct WoW instances?

Yes, if your token has more than one session left. No, if you only have one token associated with one session. To play on another wow, you simply add an additional session to your token.

Why do you have Tripwire, and what does it do?

Tripewire, in essence, runs as you play World of Warcraft. The Tripwire will disconnect you before it has a chance to run if the Warden module begins acting strangely. We could go farther into this, but we won't. The Tripwire will continue to be active and prevent you from logging in until we have given the go-ahead.

How can you update your tools so rapidly when it takes others hours or days to do so?

Even while we like sharing our methods, we won't! Just be aware that we approach the necessary offsets (information pointers) very differently from other people. We typically approve updates shortly after they debut if we do not notice any RED FLAGS or locations where they may be dangerous.

The Horadric Cube

Staff member
Here are the instructions for Baneto for the NoName Advanced Unlocker has the downloads for NoName unlocker also Baneto downloads baneto for retail baneto for classic

- Make sure to choose advanced and not basic when buying if you plan to use Baneto WOW bot! Basic is for Rotations!
- You need to enter your NoName token into the licence.txt file

Download & Install mmaps files in NN folder
- You can find a file with download links in the folder of NN
- Make sure to download the correct mmaps files for your wow expansion
- The mmaps files should be structured like this: NN/mmaps/tbc or NN/mmaps/sl

Put the baneto .nn loader into NN/scripts folder if it isn't already there!
- Path: nn/scripts/_banetoloader.nn
- Delete any .luac file you can find!

TBC Maps -

High Definition MMAP files for tbc:

Standard MMAP files for tbc (smaller):


Standard All Zones:

SOM Maps -

Use the STANDARD TBC mmaps. They work great.

If you are planning to use for retail you need the maps:

AFKBots Crypto Trading Automation with BitBot

If you have not already gotten set up with our crypto trading bot you can do so by getting a free 3 day trial. We have short selling automated as well so you can profit off the crashes that are inevitable in crypto trading along with utilizing leverage margin trades.

AFKBots WoW Automation for all expansions

With the latest LUA Unlocker for WoW TBC Classic and WoW Shadowlands you will find the more advanced wow bots accessible and very easy to use. Accomplish leveling with questing and grinding, along with pvp battlegrounds all handled whether you want a full afk solution or hands on rotations. You can also use a stand alone pixel wow bot: Owl Pro. It can do grinding and rotations for those wanting a simple automation solution for world of warcraft tbc classic.

Auto Update with All In One Launcher AI Tools

Using the AIO Launcher will provide you an overview full access to many tools to automate with ranging from simple to use and fully done for you applications as well. There are many tools we are providing an ease of access with such as the very advanced ai platform that allows you to custom make tools like PoE Auto Potion usage and other features such as EyeAuras.