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AFKBots latest Features & Updates

New Features D2R Bot Take Over to API release and Multi Session Controller

As the status of shows the time on new lifetime keys ending & new orders after the timer is over or maybe you get lucky. Remember the helpdesk are there for a reason, you can submit helpdesk ticket request for no cost, the forum is premium paid option now as we will be launching our marketplace also similar to Revamped. New features are being added to the marketplace such as send credits to users and of course messaging within the marketplace once purchased so no external communications will be needed. No more risk when transacting with escrow marketplaces. Perfect for both seller & buyer, any feature requests can be submitted to our helpdesk.

JieGuan the Take Over D2R Bot Beta is soon to be finished with it's lifetime keys deal

Get them while you can but the new multi session launcher will include a great deal that will beat any deal as well you will see when it is released that we will have the ability to utilize API fully to make custom scripts. This means you can make any kind of D2R bot routine you can think of with using a custom script. You will also be able to list your custom scripts for sale in the escrow marketplace and earn real money trade credits to cash out as well.

Customize your WoW Rotations with this easy to use tool included with the WoW Bot bundle.

You will be surprised at how good of a deal this wow bot is and now with a visual wow combat rotations customization tool to make and share your rotations for your class. List them also on the escrow marketplace for instant digital download if you want to earn extra credits. You can use this WoW Bot on MacOS or on windows with the latest NN-Advanced LUA Unlocker that has meticulous warden scanning also in place making it one of the most secure unlockers with a tripwire.

Playing D2R in the cloud with Emilio for an extra boost tip

Revamped Cloud PC gaming solution now available upon request to test out any of the software, while this is a new utilization of this platform it is not the cheapest and is quite the premium cloud pc with very high settings to be able to stream from any device also. Here is a tip for you to utilize today, grab the mercenary Emilio and see how your drop rate for high runes like jah's and ber's increase in chance of dropping. It is rumored very secretly, that Emilio boosts your magic find while other mercenary's subtract from your mf and drop rate.

Full Questing & Act clearing for our D2R Bot to be ready with API

We will be rolling out soon the auto stats points allocating script to the d2r bot so you can enjoy leveling new characters with very little input as all your talent points and stat points can be automated within the class configuration after we release the next update.

Crypto Trading Bot automates with AFK Spot trading or Leveraged Margin Trading with Signals

BitBot vs BitBot Pro, will give you the ability to ninja profits with your preferred trading method. Choose your risk and trading style, with BitBot Pro you will be able to utilize the leveraged short selling method which is a must have for any crypto portfolio management as we see perpetual crashes with all cryptos making this an easy win without any KYC requirement.

AFKBots Videos

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